Meet the Glee Club Leadership

While the Glee Club is a Music Department Ensemble and its Director is a Professor at Cornell University, the Glee Club is a completely student-run organization. From setting up concerts on campus to organizing an international tour, students are responsible for all that the Glee Club does on an everyday basis. 

Executive Board

John Schafer, '18 

General Manager
Adam Proch, '17

Vice President
Trevor McDonald, '17

Tyler Brewer, '19


Tour Managers
Ian Goldsmith, '19 and Fraz Lugay, '19

Concert Manager
Nathan Kashdan, '18

Nathan Kashdan, '18

Publicity Manager
Andrew Guo, '19

Sales Manager
Justin Alicea, '18

Ian Goldsmith, '19

Jonathan Fisher, '17 and Patrick Clobridge, '19

Recording Managers
Jonathan Lassman, '17 and Chris Worden, '19

Stage Manager
Rocco Recce, '17

NYYMS Organizer 
Austin Cody, '18

Multimedia Manager
Jae Noh, '18

Aesthetics Manager
Chris Wolfrom, '17

Project Manager
Chris Wolfrom, '17 


  • Cornell University Glee Club
  • Day Hall Mailroom, Cornell University
  • Ithaca, NY 14853